Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So How Was The Zoo?

It was pretty much like it is everyday. Oh, you know. The caged residents gave us their usual display of half-baked affection. You have to catch them early, at least ten minutes before lunch. Once they're fed, they don't care much to do anything but loaf around, well out of sight from human spectators.

I must admit, however, that it was a splendidly comfortable day for walking about. Lots of folks taking in the consistent breeze and clear skies. We managed to make nearly five hours of the trip. When it was time to go, one of our boys insisted on going to the souvenir shop. Somebody please explain to me why stuffed animals are so much more appealing than the real thing!

While we were enjoying the zoo, someone was kind enough to leave a little tract on our car windshield. It was from Chick Publications, which specializes in producing Christian material in cartoon form for evangelizing purposes. This particular booklet had a picture of a gorilla on front and was meant to provoke thought about, or should I say "against", the theory of evolution. I wonder if these secret "tract leavers" ever enter real discussion with people. The world may never know.

Have "U" ever come across one of these displays of "affection" on your vehicle window?

I have to say, though, this Mandrill didn't remind me of any humans I'd seen in recent years. Maybe Jay Leno a little bit around the lower regions of the face. Just kidding! Sort of...

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