Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Meet Me There

I know you have trouble with directions,
the way they leave you with abstact
nothings upon which to map an empty
course of action, a drive to nowhere.
So I've decided to make it easy for you,
utterly clear for the eye of a child's mind.
On your mark, get set...
Close your eyes.

Imagine a paved road, you know,
the kind that modern day Romes offer.
Dashes of faded gold keeping you safe
from the uncautious movement of
speeding carriages. They come to a
sudden halt, and so do you as you witness
the alternation of yellow to red.
You pause for a few moments
(what choice do you have?)
to reflect on the meaning of the billboard
staring down upon you from the
adjacent corner; but it's not the message
that pulls you in. It's not even the
image of that sleek automobile advertised
which you've seen before in dreams.
The single row of birds perched
on top in perfect symmetry, oily black
feathers shining in the sun, this
keeps you fascinated.