Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Planet of the Peas

Unlike two peas in a pod,
Three’s a crowd.
But add two more
And there’s a party of five.
Now, a package of frozen peas
Would be nothing short of
An icy pea planet.
And how would this planet
Survive without
A powerful Potentate?
She might be hard
To point out
As she blends in quite well
With the pea peasant population.
Her reign would include
All the pleasant trappings
Of power and prestige.
There would even be
The royal pea-shooter
Sitting upon the tower
Just to keep the pea-ons
In check.
Just outside the pea kingdom,
You would find strangers
Who, though ostracized,
Are nonetheless members of the
Populous legume dynasty:
There are the black-eyed peas,
Who regularly stir the pot
And love to pick fights.
If not careful, you might just
Run into the split peas.
“To plunder, or not to plunder?”
They always seem to have
Trouble making up their minds.
Another distant cousin
To the plenteous pea family
Is none other than
The peanut.
They sometimes use salty language,
And the royal historians
Have written them off
As being just plain crazy.
Anyway, you get the point.
The next time you sit down
To dine upon your favorite legume,
And you hear tiny whispers of
“Peas are people, too!”
Coming from your plate,
Just remind yourself that
It was a poem,
Just a playful poem.

Peas, man...
for prompt #101 on Read Write Poem

Monday, November 2, 2009

What the Dollar Said


George Washington gave me a dry stare
As I roughly pulled him out of thin air.
He said to me, “Would you or could you recall
The way we were living before the fall?
Lending, not spending, in our day
Was the tried way for men of gray.”
Now the slaves of debt to lenders crawl.


Lincoln attempted to give me five,
But he looked as though he wouldn’t survive.
He said, “To be free and to see resilience
In the spirit of man breeds self-reliance.”
Nevertheless, the press for more now
Keeps us in bondage, but none ask how.
Consuming, we are consumed within a trance.


Soon there was Hamilton ready to speak
Upon the days of promise and others bleak.
He said that numbers do slumber with those of no rank.
They fare much better in the hands of The Bank.
By this persists his greatest flaw,
To weaken through creditors the Eagle’s claw,
And watch as the almighty dollar shrank.