Thursday, October 1, 2009


How the shimmering waves increase at day's end
As the sun gives one last brush over the vast deep!
Standing on the shore with a gaze of outward stretch
I contemplated that place where light and darkness meet.
Horizon its name, that immovable ancient border
Where water forms a subtle crease with evening sky.
The Light fades, and what was once clear to the eye
Becomes only a distant memory in the thick night,
Our minds engulfed in blackness, with no more
A reminder of day than a faint silver ball hovering above.

Yet the stars arrive to offer twinkling glimmers of hope,
And the children of night are still afforded a witness
That something good remains to heal their blindness.

But from the dark, none behold the line of demarcation;
None see the staggering freedom in its brilliant limitation.
The horizon is the safety net, the gradiose inheritance
Of every peril-bound soul that is brought into the Light.


  1. Hey Jerry, thanks for becoming a follower to my blog. Do you live near the ocean, or did you write this on a trip? My favourite line is "that immovable ancient border."

  2. My pleasure. I'm kind of new to reading and writing poetry

    I live in Houston, which is about forty-five minutes from the Gulf of Mexico. The poem isn't really about any particular experience. Just wanted to write about the biblical Greek word "orizo", from which our word "horizon" is derived. Often, the word is translated as "destiny" or "border".

    Thanks for taking time to read!